Monday, September 5, 2011

Something odd in the newspapers

In the notes I prepared for the opening of the exhibit and the launching of the catalog of the international competition I judged, I mentioned that one of the advantages for photographers in the new technologies is that, while they are hurting newspapers in some important ways, they allow for the publication of more images. The New York Times or other important papers may run one or two photographs with a story in the print edition, but have a “slide show of a dozen or twenty images in the on-line edition.

But here it seems to be the opposite. The two papers that have run stories about the event so far—El Diario de Hoy and El Mundo—have both run rather short stories with just one picture each in the on-line editions, ( and, respectively) while in the print editions they have run several images each.

I don't mean to criticize, but it seems to me they're missing one of the advantages of having an on-line edition.

After writing that, I decided to investigate a little more and found that each of the papers puts a reproduction of the print edition on line. That's useful. You can see the better versions of the notes at:

and for El Diario de Hoy:

Although in this case, you only go to the first page, and have to advance to pages 55-56 to see the note.

So that is a useful thing to so, but still I feel they are missing out on one of the real advantages that on-line journalism offers—certainly it's a loss for the photographers.

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